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I must say this is one of the best pieces of art I've saw on this website! On to the critique: Now the the angle of the picture looks c...



  1. Cotton Candy is an adopted oc (don't remember who I got her from tho)
  2. Cotton Candy was originally only 10 but I changed her age to 18
  3. Jess is my oldest oc (made her when season 2 came out)
  4. Jess and Blood looked very different when I first started drawing (It was so cringey)
  5. Blood used to act and look like pinkamena
  6. This is because Blood is based of pinkamena
  7. Jess and blood are the same pony but with two halves of one soul
  8. Cotton candy is a cook, Jess is an artist and Blood is well... Blood
  9. The reason why Blood is so powerful is because she works with the devil (she calls herself a demon a lot)
  10. A lot is two words
  11. Blood actually has no eyes because she lost them by falling on pins
  12. The devil gave blood control over knives and a new pair of eyes, if she worked with him (everything to her is sightly red)
  13. Blood can't fly and Jess can't use magic
  14. I started off by using ms paint
  15. I now use SAI
  16. I'm a lazy a$$
  17. Jess has an adopted child called angel (a comic on how she found her will be released soon)
  18. I used too ship blood x pinkamena
  19. (cotton candy x Jess is a crack ship and I want to draw it s bad, should I?) (I also ship Blood x Jess)
And finally...

   20. I'm nearly at 50 watchers!

Thank you all so much for watching me!!! <3


New furry oc, Monty
I've decided that I'm making a completely different series for my fursonas 

Say hello to Monty who is a dog uh fox thing i dunno


General Information

Name: Monty
Age: 25
Date of birth: Feb 17 1992
Race: Wolf/fox/dog idk
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pan-sexual
Relationship status: single

Traits of Voice

Accent (if any): Irish
Language spoken: English
Other languages known: Irish, French and Latin

Physical Appearence

Height: 5'5
Weight: 154 pounds
Eye colour: Blue/green
Fur colour: Light gray and dark blue
Posture: Straight (unlike him)
Typical clothing: Green shirt and blue suspenders (no shoes or socks)
Is seen by others as: Rude cutie


Likes: Working, building, sleep, movies, milk, music, technology, long walks on the beach, staying fit, exercise, spiders, the cold, spuds, alcohol and writing
Dislikes: Video games, being lazy, optimists, dolphins, teenagers, rude people, the wind 
Education: Finished Uni
Fears: Dolphins
Personal goals: To build the biggest skyscraper in the world
General attitude: Rude to strangers 
General intelligence: Smart but stubborn
General sociability: Strangers aren't his thing


Illnesses (if any): He's a real squid ward
Allergies (if any): Nuts
Sleeping habits: Loves to sleep
Energy level: high
Eating habits: eats healthy
Memory: great
Any unhealthy habits: Loves alcohol 


Birth country: Ireland
Hometown: Limerick
Childhood: Limerick
Teen years: Manchester (England)
Adult years: London (England)
History of family: Irish and French
Briefly explain life story: Lived in Limerick until he moved to Manchester to go there for high school. He then moved in with his two friends in London to go to Uni 


Parents: He just has a mother called Candy
Siblings: One sister called Cutie and one brother called Crea who died from cancer (Which caused his need to be healthy)
Any enemies (and why): Dolphins. He got attacked by a dolphin when he was a baby
Children: none
Friends: Moonlight and Clover
Best friend(s): Clover and Moonlight
Important friends/relatives (explain): Clover, has a huge crush on him. Cutie, Only sibling he has left and he cherishes her. Candy, he loves his mother because she was strong when his dad left and Crea died 
Love interest (if there is one): Clover


Peaceful or violent: Peaceful
Weapon (if applicable): Claws
Style of fighting: Scratch until you win


Occupation: Builder
Current home: Two story house in London with Moonlight and Clover 
Favourite types of food: Potatoes
Favourite types of drink: Milk and alcohol
Hobbies/past times: Writing
Guilty pleasures: Anime
Pet peeves: People who litter
Pets: none
Talents: Great cook
Favourite colours: Green and blue
Favourite type of music: Classical


That's Monty done. Next I will draw Clover and then redesign Moonlight

BTW I will be doing character sheets for Jess, Blood and Cotton Candy soon
Rock candy (KiLl Me) (+ update)
I've decided to day goodbye to ponies and am now drawing them as humans, deal with it.

I just didn't want to apart of the pony fandom anymore, don't get me wrong #ponies but I just don't want to be seen as a pony artist anymore. Don't worry I will still keep all of my characters I'll just turn them into humans. I'll update their references soon. 
I wanna draw but I dunno what to draw uuuuugghhhhhhhhhhh
Oc Emoji Challenge
I need help with this challenge

Pick a number, letter and one of my ocs
TLoW 1
(aka: The Life of Weirdos)

Sorry for shitty drawings...

This is gonna be a comic series about Blood, Jess Cotton Candy and Angel (Jess' child) just living there normal lives.

These will get better, I promis
Draw this again meme (This night is beautiful)
Yep I did another ^^;

This is just all of them together (I will release the new redraw seperatly)

I will never stop
I just realised that I lost watchers oops


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No outline, complex shading and complex background
Your Oc with no outline (more realistic), complex shading and complex background
No outline with complex shading and simple background
Your Oc without likes (more realistic), complex shading and a simple background
Outline with complex shading
Your Oc with lines, color and complex shading.
Outline with simple shading
Your Oc with lines, color and simple shading.
Plane outline with color
Your Oc outline with color.


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